Hey Guys!

Guess What!

I just found out that Marvin, Marvin's first season is going to have 26 episodes! Let's hope that Nickelodeon will do well in promoting episodes so that it will get at least more than 2.9 million viewers. Since the older show's pilot episodes had between 4.0 million-10 million. Online, all we can do to keep it more than 26 episodes is to keep advertising people to come and join the wiki, know about Marvin, Marvin, and tell them to tune in and watch Marvin, Marvin! Then, if it gets even more popular, we can raise the bar high up to 3.5 million viewers, then 4.0 million viewers, and more and more!  Let's hope the show keeps on going, but for now, let's just enjoy and hope for the best. For the 26 episode run for the first season!


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