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  • Kookypens

    My Episode Reviews

    January 25, 2013 by Kookypens

    I did like this Pilot. Except, I felt that the last few minutes of this episode were kinda rushed. The episode also ran through quickly. I liked most parts of it, the only thing I didn't really get was how Cliff could be so weak and just punch like that, and after a soft vulnerable fall, lose all his strength and fall into a trash can. The show started good and I just want more, and this episode was good, but it also could've been better.

    Overall rating 8.5/10 = A-

    This episode was funny. I liked every part of it, except, the song was a bit too long and there were some major goofs in this episode. Pop-Pop was once again hilarious. Just one more complaint, some references in the show only appear when they needed to appear, not saying it's bad…

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  • Kookypens

    Saturday's Viewers

    January 24, 2013 by Kookypens

    We got 2.295. Not that good, yet, not bad. 

    I didn't even know Double Date had a promo, Nick should promote this show like crazy before, that's why Ice Pop-Pop got 2.9 and Burger On a Bun got 2.880.

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  • Kookypens

    Thanks for the episodes "Scary Movie" and "Double Date"!

    Thanks for the Victorious episodes as well.

    Thanks to Marvin, Marvin, Victorious, and Nick!

    Having a great Birthday so far!

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  • Kookypens

    Okay, last episode's viewer counts didn't end well. I tried my very best to promote and still got no sign of awesomeness in the viewer count, from Burger On a Bun, 2.880, pretty good, and then this one, 2.160, still not good. We need more, at least 3.0! 

    Please tune into Nick at 8:30 PM, for Marvin Marvin!


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  • Kookypens


    I would just like to say that I am getting the word around for Marvin & the Cool Kids to people on the internet. I am doing the best I can to improve it's ratings. That's as far I can go since I live in Canada and cannot go to the United States just to tune into a TV Show. I don't even think Live Streams online count as "U.S. Viewers". Also, one of my main worries is that someone asked why the show "Victorious" is getting cancelled, a Nickelodeon worker replied "it isn't getting enough viewers for our quota." And by that, their quota has to be an estimate of 3.3 million and higher.  The only thing I could do to help Marvin, Marvin is to get online and start typing away to my YouTube subscribers, viewers, fans, about the episode to tu…

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