Transmission To Klooton: Humanoid Magic is one of the mini-sodes found on the Nickelodoen website. Nickelodeon adds these mini-sodes to their website for fans to watch and enjoy.


The webisode starts off by Marvin introducing his brother Henry to the audience. Henry reveals that he can do magic tricks, but Marvin says Klootonians don't believe in them. Henry then shows Marvin a simple magic trick; making a coin appear into Marvin's ear.

Marvin then freaks out and leaves the room, leaving Henry the only one on camera.

The webisode ends by Henry introducing another magic trick, by making himself disappear. The joke is that he just walked off, whilst leaving the camera on.


  • The image used for this webisode isn't anything to do with the video. Instead, it's just a blue backround, with Marvin shocked and Henry amazed.
  • This is the fifth webisode that Nickelodeon uploaded to their website.
  • The webisode is the first one to be filmed on a 'special video camera' resulting the video to be an odd colour and a white patterned border.



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