“The Amazing Comic Book Thief”
Season 1, Episode 15
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March 30, 2013

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Blake J. Williger


Eric Dean Seaton

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The Amazing Comic Book Thief is the 15th episode of Marvin, Marvin.

The episode received an audience of 1.804 million views.

Plot Edit

Marvin starts reading comic books and he sees Ben's comic book collection and he likes it. He wants to read Magnet Man #1, but Ben doesn't allow it because it's one of the rarest comic books ever and he never even took it out of its protection sleeve. He leaves to have lunch and Marvin takes in without Ben knowing, but when Marvin and Henry read it and prepare to give it back to Ben, Dad Bob's obession to catch a fly causes him to take the comic book and kill the fly, ripping it in the process and Dad Bob can't fix it. And Marvin doesn't have the courage to tell Ben, but Henry says Dad Bob found a guy selling another Magnet Man #1 comic, so Marvin decides not to tell him until they get the comic book, but the guy selling Magnet Man #1 is Ben! Marvin uses his cloaking device to disguise himself as a woman to get the comic book from Ben. And he teaches a Ben a lesson that comic books are made to be read and Ben decides to read it with Marvin. Ben then can't find his original Magnet Man comic book and Marvin slips it into a cabinet and pulls it out and pretends he found it, but then Marvin confesses that he took Ben's comic book and he wrecked it. He then thinks that Ben is going to not be his friend anymore, but instead he says, 'How was it?" And Marvin says it was great and the two friends read it together.

In the subplot, Teri becomes suspicious that her mother has been reading her texts when her mother starts mentioning things Teri hasn't told her. Her first attempt at getting her to admit didn't work, but when Teri and Brianna come up with a plan to get her to confess by having Brianna text her saying they mixed the meatloaf that's dinner for Teri's mom with dog food and that makes her confess, but Brianna comes in and says she did mix the meatloaf with dog food and Teri and her mom already took two bites! 


  • comic


Running GagsEdit

  • Bob trying to swat a fly.


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