Teri Forman
Full Name Teresa Jennifer Forman
Nickname(s) Teri
Age 16
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Family Liz Forman (mother)

Bob Forman (father)

Henry Forman (brother)

Marvin (adoptive brother)

Pop-Pop (maternal grandfather)

Relationships Brianna (Friend)


First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Big Time Marvin
Portrayed By Victoria Van Tuyl
Teri Forman is one of the main characters in Marvin, Marvin. She is portrayed by Victory Van Tuyl.


Teri Forman has long blonde hair which could be naturally curly or she curls it, and blue eyes. 


Teri is one of the smartest characters and she is also a good child. She sometimes gets concerned when Marvin is by her side since she doesn't like to get embarrassed. In Pilot, at the end, she helps save Marvin from being bullied from Cliff and Marvin helps her win the election. She also, in the beginning of Marvin's party, rejected it, but, later, she seems to be enjoying it a lot. she likes hot vampires and werewolfs.


  • In Pilot she didn't seem very fond of Marvin.
  • In some episodes you can tell that she is a little boy crazy.
  • She gets boy advice from her mum.
  • She ran for class president at her school.
  • In Pilot, it reveals that she is afraid of the dark.
  • She used to work at Burger on a Bun.
  • She relies on Brianna for most things.
  • She is very protective of Marvin.
  • She is a big fan of Big Time Rush.
  • Marvin helped her win concert tickets to Big Time Rush.
  • She has a crush on James Diamond from Big Time Rush.