“St. Glar Kai Day”
Season 1, Episode 14
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March 16, 2013

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Jon Ross


Shannon Flynn

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Calm Palm


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 St. Glar Kai Day is the 14th episode of Marvin, Marvin.

The episode received an audience of 1.722 million views. This is currently the series' lowest number of views.


Marvin and the Forman family celebrate St. Glar Kai Day, but they also have to deal with government agents who discover alien activity in their house. 

Marvin puts the holy baby foot on a cactus tree and Teri complains that St. Glar Kai Day is gross. Liz then tells her that the holiday is Klootons' most sacred holiday. Teri's friend comes in and said that the costume for St. Glar Kai was ready then Pop Pop and Henry come with a Klerg Pinata. Pop Pop tells Liz that crooks are in their neighboorhood and their having a steakout to capture them. Marvin takes a holiday picture to send to Klooton with Marvin as his alien form around the Klerg pinata with the Formans. The next day Marin is excited that it's St. Glar Kai Day and Bob puts on the St. Glar Kai costume and they take a picture. Pop Pop and Henry tell them that the crooks are Federal Agents and their looking for an alien. Then They say to go door to door to check for something unusual and they are starting with the Formens' house. Then the St. Glar Kai Day decorations go down. The agents go inside and later they get a transmission from Marvin. The Formans bribe the agents out of their van using shuaids. Teri and Marvin sneak in the van and delete the transmission before it's encripted. The male agent goes to the van and Teri hides.Marvin Turns into an alien to scare the male agent out of the van. Teri deletes the transmission for a photo of Bob in his costume. The agents leave and Marvin is realived that they are gone.


  • This will be the first episode in which a Klootonian holiday is revealed.
  • This is the lowest view episode of the entire show with 1.722 millon views
  • This episode aired around St. Patrick's Day.
  • Marvin's sister dated a Klerg.
  • St. Glar Kai Day is just like Christmas, but a Klootonian version.

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