Season 1, Episode 10
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February 9, 2013

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Jeff Bushell


Rob Schiller

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Space-Cation is the 10th episode of Marvin, Marvin.

This episode received an audience of 2.33 million views.


The Forman's family vacation to Hawaii is cancelled to protect Marvin's alien identity from being discovered by airport security. Marvin tries to lend a hand by inventing a teleportation device, but it malfunctions and sends the family to another planet, in another solar system. When Marvin attempts to beam them back, the teleporter runs out of Klootonium, the rock that powers it. Teri said (through the phone) that she used some of Klootonium to make a friendship bracelet for Brianna. When Marvin asks Brianna for some Klootonium from the bracelet, she refuses, Marvin is forced to reveal his secret. Later, the Formans see a woman jogging by and find out they are in a desert 100 miles west of Portland, more importantly, on Earth. When they get home, Marvin is happy, which results in the joy bubbles.They think that Marvin's secret had just then been revealed, but Brianna told them she already found out and promised to keep the secret.[1]


  • This is the first episode where Brianna plays a huge role in.
  • This is the second episode where Marvin has brought the family in danger, the first episode was Toothache.
  • "Vacation" is the episode's working title.
  • Brianna discovers Marvin's identity as an alien in this episode.
  • This is the First episode to air at 8pm instead I the regular 8:30 time slot due to Victorious Ending the previous week

Running GagsEdit

  • Brianna passing out.
  • Pop-Pop screaming "Dog in a helmet!" when Murray gets teleported into the room.
  • Henry wanting to be nude.
  • Marvin calling Murray by his full name, Murray Benjamin Forman.
  • Pop-Pop getting Brianna's name wrong.


  • After the Formans called Marvin, Marvin held the phone speaker up to his ear, not his butt.
  • Teri was looking through a telescope and was commenting the solar system, but didn't recognize it.
  • Marvin gave his MP3 Player to Improbable Story in the episode Improbable Story. However it could've been that Marvin got it back or he got a new one.
  • It's not likely that Henry will be able to go to the Nude Beach since he's only 10.



Henry: "So where are we?"

Marvin: "Not far. Just on another planet in another solar system. No biggy."

Forman Family: "WHAT?!"

Bob: Can you unbury me?

Henry: No.

Bob: Why?

Henry: Because you might be able to stop me from getting my nude on... (runs around) FREEDOM!!! (passes by Teri, looking through telescope)

Teri: (Groans) Full moon!

Brianna: I have so many questions, I don't even know where to start! Where's your home planet? Do you breathe air? Do you have a spaceship? Can I ride in it? Does it have lasers? Have you ever met E.T.?

Marvin: Klooton, yes, yes, maybe, no, and E.T. is not real. He's an offensive stereotype!


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