Meri is the pairing of characters Marvin and Teri Forman.  

Marvin and Teri


Season 1


  • Marvin helps Teri win the election.
  • Teri assists Marvin in his fight with Cliff Drill.
  • Marvin wants to help Teri with her election.
  • Teri say's she'll watch him at school.

Improbable StoryEdit

  • Marvin helps Teri with her products.
  • Teri offers to help Marvin by buying Improbable Story.


  • Teri helps Marvin remove nerves off his tooth.

Ice Pop-PopEdit

  • Teri helps keep Marvin's identity a secret.

Burger On a BunEdit

  • Teri gets Marvin a job.
  • Marvin feels bad for firing Teri from their job.
  • Marvin trys to apologize to Teri for firing her.
  • Marvin knows with Teri is going to say.
  • Marvin buys Teri Katy Perry tickets with the money he got from his job.
  • Marvin and Teri hug.

Marvin and the Cool Kids Edit

Scary Movie Edit

Double Date Edit

Mervi GalleryEdit