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This is a list of powers that Marvin has.

  • Hot Finger - Marvin's pointer finger glows with a bright orange orb allowing him to burn everything it touches.
  • Cold Finger - Marvin's pointer finger glows with a light blue orb allowing him to freeze everything it touches.
  • Talk to Earth Animals - Marvin communicates with animals and imitates their natural behaviours.
  • Floating When Over Excited - Marvin's stomach gets filled with joyful gas bubbles. The gas allows him to float in mid-air.
  • Smelly-button - It allows Marvin to shoot out a gas that smells terrible when he's frightened.
  • Mucus Cannon - When Marvin gets really upset, he shoots purple mucus to the lifeform that made him upset.
  • Calm Palm - Marvin's hand glows with a green light allowing him to calm someone down by touching their forehead.
  • Cloaking Device - It allows Marvin to shapeshift into any kind of person.