Liz Forman
Full Name Elizabeth Forman-Waldberg
Nickname(s) Mom

Mom Liz (by Marvin)

Age 41
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Family Teri Forman

Bob Forman

Henry Forman



Relationships Bob Forman (husband)


First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Big Time Marvin
Portrayed By Mim Drew
Liz Forman is the mom in the Forman household.


She has blonde hair, a blue shirt and blue pants.


She acts just as any Mom just about all the time grounding Henry and Marvin.

Relationship with Marvin

She treats Marvin like a child of her own. She is a good mother to Marvin grounding him when he deserves it though Marvin never complains to this. Since Marvin is following Henry's footsteps he will be getting grounded a lot. In the episode "Scary Movie" it is shown she teaches life lessons.

Relationship with Henry

She treats Henry the same as she treats Marvin but she treats Henry more like a son than she treats Marvin.

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