Improbable Story is a horse that appeared in the episode Improbable Story. He is/was a racing horse that took Marvin's advice to run away from the race.
He then came to Marvin's house to get away from his owner, who repeatly calls him stupid and doesn't pet him after he won a race.

Character HistoryEdit

Improbable Story: He became Marvin's friend and helped Marvin bring dad's MP3 player to Teri.


  • It is shown that he can play the harmonica really well
  • The episode he starred in is a reference to his name
    Horse atHome
  • Marvin bought him with the help of Pop-Pop's money and Teri's $1000 check
  • He then had to move to Marvin's grandparent's farm in Montana
  • He wanted to be in a motorbike gang when he was older

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