“Double Date”
Season 1, Episode 8
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January 26, 2013

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Jeff Bushell


Gary Halvorson

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 Double Date is the eigth episode of Marvin, Marvin

This episode received an audience of 2.39 million views.


When Teri gets to date a hot guy, Marvin tries to become what girls call "hot" but uses his hot finger. So, Pop-Pop, Liz, and Bob give him advice on how to get a girl's attention. Although he does all the steps wrong. Then, Henry gives Marvin advice. 

When Teri sees her date to take her, her date tells her that his annoying cousin was sent with him so they had no choice but to take her, then, she decided to go to a space restaurant called PlanetPlanet. When Marvin and Teri's date's cousin have many things in common, they click, and it works for them. However Teri tells Marvin to act normal, but when he exaggerates, the date does not go well. Marvin then ends his date to save Teri's, but when Teri's date acts rude, they break up. 

Bob fears that the Klerg are coming to attack, so he has a Klerg drill, but the rest of the family fail to do the steps right. When Marvin sends Henry a picture of him and his date, the restaurant waiter, who looks like a Klerg, gets the family worried. They do all the steps in the drill in the restaurant, and attack the waiter, but when they realize that it was just a waiter, they escape before the cops come. Teri tells Marvin that he was sweet to break his date just to save Teri's, not they go home. wow it is real good!!!!


  • This is the 3rd episode that has a major plot/subplot involving dating, the first time it occured was in Ice Pop-Pop, the second was in Scary Movie.
  • This is the 2nd time a restaurant/food chain area was shown, the first time was in Burger On a Bun.
  • The poem Marvin began to read to Kendra is the same used in a Cory In The House episode.
  • At the start of the episode, Marvin is wearing the same shirt he wore in Improbable Story.

Running GagsEdit

  • Marvin acting abnormal.
  • Teri getting concerned about how Marvin will act.
  • Marvin acting crazy for a squeeky hot-dog toy.
  • Marvin and Teri's Date's Cousin clicking together.
  • Bob worrying about the Klerg.
  • Marvin drinking Milkshakes from his nose.
  • Marvin Bouncing while saying boing.



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Teri: No no, Marvin, trust me! If you keep acting the way you're acting, you're going to ruin this date. So just be normal.

Marvin: I'm gonna be normal. I'm gonna be so normal you won't even know how norm-(breaks glasses by accident)

Marvin: That was a very normal accident. (reaches a gumball to Teri Forman ) Want a gumball?

Marvin: It's a classic American love story; boy meets girl; boy bounces with girl; boy goes to the bathroom to expell waste.