Derek Winfeld is a student at North Falls High School He has made 2 appearances so far.

Derek Winfeld
Horse Boy
Nickname(s) Horse Boy
Hair Color brown


First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Marvin & The Cool Kids

Derek is known for acting like a horse since he actually thinks he is one.

He was part of the speech when Teri was saying that it's not bad to be different because nobody fits in, and that's how she won when she helped Marvin and got Cliff beat up and how everyone voted for her. 

It is unknown how he got enrolled for school, how teachers treat him, and how he is out of school, or if he really thinks he's a horse or just doing it for attention.

Teri described him as "the boy who thinks he's a horse." And after she said that, he actually reacted like a horse into Cliff's face, it is possible that he did that to prove it.

He is portrayed by Dennis Atlas


He likes to wear brown clothing to look like a horse. His hair is color brown and curled. His inner clothing layers are brown, he wairs brown shoes. His goal in appearance is to look like a horse or it is possible that one day he looked at himself when he was younger and thought he was a horse.


He thinks he's a horse and when Teri and Brianna mentioned him during her speech, he acted completely like a horse. So basically his personality is like a horse's personality. He can talk like a human and is good at poetry and movie reviews, as revealed in Marvin & The Cool Kids.

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