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Benjamin is a student and the best (and only) friend of Marvin. He appears in Pilot. Ben is considered a shy and nerdy student.


In Pilot, Ben met Marvin and desperately wanted to be friends with him. Marvin then became his friend and Ben told him his locker combination and other personal stuff. Later in Marvin & The Cool Kids, Ben wanted to go with Marvin but Marvin ditched him, to be with the cool kids. Instead, he larped with Derek Winfeld. Later, Ben and Marvin made up and went


  • Many fans believe that if the series continues, Marvin will reveal his secret to Ben.
  • He became best friends with Marvin in Pilot
  • Before he was friends with Marvin, he had no friends
  • He enjoys with Marvin, but when Marvin hanged out with the cool kids, he hung out with Derek (Horse Boy)

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